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The Perfect Storm



There is no denying that there are a lot of sick kids today.

We see children in our office constantly who are presenting with not only one, but a MULTITUDE of health concerns.

In babies, we often see colic, reflux, constipation, issues with sleep, and difficulty nursing.

As they continue to grow, we start to see symptoms such as ear infections, allergies or asthma pop up.

The older they get, we don’t see them “grow out” of these health concerns.

Rather, we see these symptoms morph into different and more devastating issues, such as behavioral challenges, sensory processing disorder, difficulty sleeping, immune challenges, and then eventually we see them diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety or depression.

This cascade of stress is referred to as The Perfect Storm, and The Perfect Storm is the result of one major thing – subluxation.

What is Subluxation?


Subluxation refers to misalignment within the body, which creates tension and imbalance in the nervous system.

Subluxation of the spine and central nervous system wreaks havoc on the body, especially in children.

Subluxation is caused by stress. While stress is a normal part of life and not all stress is necessarily bad, we start to see issues arise when our body is unable to ADAPT to the stress that we encounter.

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Since subluxation impairs the body’s adaptability, this makes us more prone to developing symptoms as a result of that stress.

Chiropractic teaches that stress comes from one of the 3 T’s – Traumas, Toxins or Thoughts.

While we may be unable to completely avoid these common stressors in our day to day life, we should recognize that our kids are experiencing many of them early on in life, which is creating subluxation within their body and resulting in nervous system dysfunction right from the start.

Since the nervous system controls every cell, organ and tissue in the body… where there is nervous system dysfunction, you will also find issues with the gut, immune system, respiratory system, or even mental, emotional and social challenges.

The most common symptoms of subluxation in kids include:

• Colic

• Reflux

• Difficulty latching/nursing

• Difficulty sleeping

• Digestive issues

•  Constipation

•  Ear infections

• Asthma

• Allergies

• Behavioral issues


• Difficulty regulating emotions

• Fatigue

How do  You Correct Subluxation? 

Correcting Subluxation

The INSiGHT Subluxation Scanning Technology that we have in our office allows us to find, measure and locate subluxation within the body.

These scans are completely safe for all individuals and only take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

After analyzing the results of these scans, our doctors are able to create a personalized adjusting care plan for the child.

Having access to this technology takes all of the guesswork out of the chiropractic exam.

Our doctors use gentle, specific, neuro-tonal chiropractic techniques to correct the subluxation and restore function to the nervous system.

A regular adjusting visit in our office is quick and efficient, lasting only a few minutes.

Because our focus is on WHOLE FAMILY WELLNESS, our office is family-friendly, equipped with toys and activities for kids of all ages and staffed with team members who are always willing to hold a baby while mom gets adjusted!

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