Dr. Dan and Kamlyn

What is sweeter than a tale of two sisters growing up together subluxation free?!

Kamlyn and Hazel first came into Radius back in 2019 with their parents, when they were just 3 ½ and not quite 1 year old.

Their parents, Sara and Andy, had concerns unique for each of their daughters, which led them to seek chiropractic care.

Their oldest daughter, Kamlyn, had a life threatening allergy to peanuts, as well as a serious diagnosis of asthma, that required medications, inhalers and nebulizer treatments.

Her nervous system is loving the ability to fully communicate with all parts of her growing system, especially her lungs, as she is an avid dancer, not to mention an active 6 year old now!

And Hazel? In less than 2 months from her first adjustment, Hazel began to crawl!

And since, we have enjoyed watching her grow taller, stronger, with the sweetest voice, and a vocabulary to boot!

Watching kiddos struggle is HARD.

Watching them thrive, subluxation and symptom free is AMAZING.

Keep up the amazing progress, Kamlyn and Hazel!



"Awesome staff, result-oriented practice. Simply the best!"

Jovis Burk