When Braelyn and her parents first walked into Radius, we had met a creative and sweet 7 year old, who was suffering from seemingly unexplained nausea and anxiety.

These health concerns were affecting her ability to focus in school, not to mention her ability to be a kid and do the things she loved to do.

Turns out, when she was not dealing with her nausea, she loved to write stories, play outside and enjoy her “screen time”.

However, as a result of her symptoms, she was not able to do any of that. 

And, so, as amazing parents do, Stacey and Dan tried a variety of ways to help their daughter. They eliminated dairy and wheat; they understood that her nausea may be connected to anxiety; they spoke with their doctors; sought advice from therapists; all without finding a true solution to help their kid. 

Thankfully, they had heard about Radius Chiropractic, and while they may not have known from the start what was to come for Braelyn, we sure are glad they walked thru our doors.

Since starting care in January of 2021, Braelyn has grown and flourished into a confident, bright and healthy 9-year-old.

One who delights in sharing with us that she is writing her stories again, able to play video games like she loves to do, and no longer suffering from debilitating nausea and anxiety that was affecting so many aspects of her life.

While we never want to see a kid struggling or suffering in any way, it is nothing short of an honor to be able to watch the children in our office rise above and thrive beyond any health concerns that may have brought them in.

Braelyn, we are so happy for all of your progress and have loved getting to know you (and your stuffed animal Dragons) over the years!


"The staff here is awesome. I feel better than I've felt in 20 years. The pain in my back and shoulder was almost totally gone after a couple of treatments. I look forward to every appointment."

Rocky Owenby