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Becklee & Mom

When our littles are not yet talking in full sentences, sometimes it can be tricky to know exactly what might be going on in their developing systems.

Becklee is that kind of kid. Easy-going kiddo, with blue eyes and a smile that will melt any heart and light up a room.

His amazing Mama, Stephanie, was not overly concerned with Becklee’s health.

The only thing she noted was that she and B’s doctors had noticed some chronically swollen lymph nodes in his neck.

Other than that, he was a typical 1 ½ year-old, growing, learning, and loving life.

And occasionally having a meltdown, because, of toddlers.

In the few months since starting care, Becklee has been thriving and growing into an incredibly sweet, smart, and strong little dude.

Oh, and those swollen lymph nodes? Nearly gone. Becklee’s nervous system is finding better ways to clear the stress that our littles can sometimes experience in their rapid growth patterns, and his lymph nodes are thanking him!

Helping support our kiddos right from their start is so important to us here at Radius.

No little (or big) should have to suffer the effects that stress and subluxation can have on our systems.

Especially when your system is as precious as Becklee’s.

Thanks for bringing your sweet boy into our office, Stephanie, he is a beloved Chiro Kid!

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"This team is the best! They are knowledgable and professional, yet have a fun energetic office that you and your kids will look forward to visiting!"

Sydney Erinne Shocrylas